What do election candidates think about Woodfibre LNG?


Sometimes election candidates aren't completely clear on their stand on controversial issues. That's why we sent out a simple survey on the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant to almost 100 municipal election candidates across Howe Sound. We're conducting this survey so Howe Sound citizens know where their candidates stand on one of the most important issues facing the area. We're urging all candidates to respond to the survey. The two questions we're asking are:

  • Question 1. Given what you know at this point in time about the proposed Woodfibre LNG project (including everything that’s related to it), do you support the project moving forward to construction? (Yes or No)
  • Question 2. Given your response to question 1, explain 1 or 2 reasons for your answer. Please respond in 50 words or less.

Check back soon. We'll report the results as they come in here. In the meantime, help us build political leverage by signing and sharing our Declaration to Protect Howe Sound. We've just reached 600 signatures, let's get to 1000 before election day!



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