And the winners of the Howe Sound elections are...

Yesterday's election provided a few surprises. Squamish Mayor, Rob Kirkham, was unseated by Patricia Heintzman—a former councillor, who definitely resides in the "no" camp on the Woodfibre LNG issue according to our recent candidate survey

Voter turnout in Squamish increased a few percentage points since 2011. So, things may get a bit warm for newly elected councillor, Peter Kent, a professional stuntman, who committed to setting himself on *fire* if voter turnout improved this time around.



Lions Bay has a new mayor, Karl Buhr, and a few new councillors—Jim Hughes and Helen Waterson.

Things didn't change much in West Vancouver. The only new councillor is Christine Cassidy who replaces Trish Panz who didn't run this time. Mayor Micheal Smith went unchallenged and retains his position as mayor.

We did our best at summarizing the newly elected officials and their stances on Woodfibre LNG based on our survey and past news stories. If you or any candidates have updated information on this, don't hesitate to contact us

We also smashed our goal of getting 1000 signatures before the election on our declaration to protect Howe Sound from LNG. New signatures are rolling in daily, it seems like folks don't want to stop. Can we get to 2000?


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*note: voting results are unofficial and derived from CivicInfoBC website. West Vancouver voter turnout number may be incorrect, we're checking into it.