NDP Candidate Larry Koopman--how would the clean up happen?

Larry-K-2.jpgContinuing with our candidate chats from West Vancouver-Sea to Sky-Sunshine Coast, we met with Larry Koopman from the NDP. Larry was very enthusiastic to chat with us and we showed him our Declaration with over 2100 signees. If you haven't already, please sign and share it widely! Larry was quick to point out he signed too.

This was our second candidate meeting. Last week we met  Ken Melamed from the Green Party. For more on the format of our candidate meetings and questions we're asking, see our first blog in this series.

Some of the questions we posed to Larry came from you. Do you have any thing you'd like to ask the candidates? We still have two more to meet with, so please submit your questions through our Citizen Survey.


So far, we've received hundreds of spectacular questions submitted by citizens on a wide range of subjects related to Woodfibre LNG. Here are a few we put to Larry.

Citizen Question 1: If all the water and air is polluted around Howe Sound due to an accident at the Woodfibre LNG plant, how will the clean up happen? (We clarified the pollutant could be any substance, like bunker fuel, oil or some other substance)

Larry: I don't know. We don't have adequate coordination, especially due to the gutting of our coast guard services, our emergency response call centre being moved from here to Quebec. The Kitsilano Coast Guard being shut down. It's just this surgical elimination of our marine environment services. I think it makes it difficult to respond to these things. I haven't answered how we do it, because I don't think we can do it with what we've got.

Citizen Question 2: What's your party's plan to build the new economy?

Larry: Well the new economy is the clean energy sector, I don't have the specifics, these are policy measures that have to be worked out. We need to work with the brightest minds in the industry. We have to look at best practices around the world to find out who has done what. Germany is a wonderful example of industrial policy, as far as it's directed to building the clean energy sector. I think we have to learn and adopt those policy measures. I'm pretty sure we can come up with some really good policy measures.

Koopman-card.jpgCitizen Question 3: Why is Woodfibre LNG proposing to use a sea water cooling system technology that is banned elsewhere (e.g., State of California)?

Larry: Because it is cheaper. When we talk about things being cumbersome, it's going cost more. This company is not going through with this project with the intention of really protecting the environment. They want as much return on their investment as possible, so they're going to cut corners, as many businesses do. At least they're not going to use natural gas, but they're going to use electricity and we're going to save some GHG emissions on this process, but there's a huge load of electricity going to power this project.

We thank Larry for meeting with us. We have more candidate interviews coming up. For more on this initiative check out our first chat and stay tuned and don't forget to sign and share our Declaration to Protect Howe Sound. We'll present the growing list of signees to every candidate.