Our Story

Howe Sound LNG Propellor DeclarationPropeller Strategy is a non-profit organization that strives to empower citizens and help magnify their voices when it comes to decisions about their freshwater, air, land, oceans and economy. We started Propeller because we're motivated and positive about the future of British Columbia. We're experienced in advocacy and aren't too timid to speak our mind. We're biologists, farmers, moms and campaign strategists.

We're currently focusing on one project in particular: the gas plant that's being proposed for Howe Sound at the old Woodfibre site across the water from Britannia Beach (between West Vancouver and Squamish).

Many citizens are opposed to this proposed gas plant. We're focusing on organizing and amplifying their voices. There are many hard working people doing excellent research documenting the risks of fracking and gas plants (otherwise know as LNG–liquified natural gas). Other groups excel at organizing outreach events, compiling research and getting the facts out to British Columbians. We applaud these people and strive to collaborate with them and build unity. 

Our focus is to help amplify citizens' voices and direct their concerns about the proposed Howe Sound LNG plant, tankers and pipeline to decision-makers. Check out our strategy for more on how we're planning to do that.

Our name comes from the propeller-like seeds of maple trees, like the big leaf maples of British Columbia. These unique seeds fly through the air and disperse to new areas, later maturing into strong hardwood giants. In short, we think seeds propelling through the air provides amazing imagery and inspiration.

Stan Proboszcz, is one of the initiators of Propeller Strategy and is the main contact for the organization. He's concerned about how the proposed gas plant, tankers and pipeline could affect an area he works, fishes and kayaks in. The board is also comprised of Catherine Stewart, Bronwen Barnett and Shauna MacKinnon.