Liberal Candidate Pam Goldsmith-Jones—a gas compression station in the middle of town?

Pam.jpgOur third election candidate meeting with Liberal Pam Goldsmith-Jones felt a tiny bit rushed, but we jammed a lot into a short time. Pam had a busy day ahead and we appreciate the time she spent with us chatting about Woodfibre LNG. Like the NDP and Green candidates, Pam took a gander at our Declaration with over 2200 signees. If you haven't already, please sign and share. For more about our candidate chats see our first meeting in this series.

As a reminder, some of the questions we asked Pam came straight from you. If you have something you'd like to ask a candidate, it isn't too late. Have your say, fill out our citizen survey.



Below are a few summarized questions we put to Pam. At a point down the road we'll summarize all the candidate's opinions on Woodfibre LNG in one report card and share it with everyone. 

Citizen Question 1: Given the impressive projected jobs growth in alternative sustainable energy, what plans does your government have for alternative energy, if elected?

Pam: Well, that's the most exciting new frontier there is. I can't be very specific, unfortunately, and I know that's disappointing to you and me and everyone else, but the clean tech sector here is exciting. I've been working quite closely with the BC Technology Innovation Association, about what's possible. It's thrilling how the price of solar is falling. The new battery that Elon Musk designed is exciting. His solar city is exciting. So I think renewables are going to get a huge amount of focus by our government. I'm thrilled so many people in this riding are involved in that sector. 

Pam-and-declaration.jpgCitizen Question 2: With regards to the gas compression station that's proposed relatively near residential areas in Squamish, there may be issues around noise, and possibly explosions. Do you have any concerns with the compression station being proposed in the middle of a community?

Pam: Well, it's all one thing, isn't it? Getting the gas out, getting it through the pipeline, having a compression station, getting it to a liquefaction plant, getting it onto a tanker. It's one project with a whole bunch of questions. I'm just going to go back to my four criteria, the 4th one being, what are the environmental standards? I don't know. My recollection is, this is based on the budget omnibus bill, and all the pieces of legislation that were in there and I think pipelines were exempted. So this question is a piece of a much bigger question.

A big thanks goes out to Pam for meeting with us. We're in the process of scheduling one more candidate interview. For more on this initiative check out our first chat. And don't forget to sign and share our Declaration to Protect Howe Sound. Each candidate sees the growing list of signees.