Fracked Pennsylvania—a future B.C. can avoid

for-blog-Fracking_Site_in_Warren_Center__PA_07.jpegAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the state of Pennsylvania released details of 243 cases of contaminated drinking wells linked to gas extraction1.  The Keystone state is in its 6th year of a gas boom, which means officials allowed this to happen for 6 years without reporting, until last week. For a place that’s home to the city of brotherly love, that's down right unneighbourly. A sad truth—once big gas sinks their wells into a jurisdiction, political tunnel vision may ensue. Take note British Columbia, buds must be nipped in our own province.

We can’t rely on political fairy tales starring Woodfibre LNG to save the day. Rhetoric from officials of a “world class” industry is a distraction. For example, 41 billion litres of fracked water, too contaminated for surface disposal were injected into a 46-year old gas well in B.C.’s north-east2. How is this the mark of a “world class” industry?

Good governance means providing citizens with the best options. If our future rests on fracked-gas and contaminated water, maybe that’s a sign something needs to change with our elected-body. Exactly one of the reasons why we created the Declaration to Protect Howe Sound. Please sign the declaration and share widely with friends and neighbours to build citizen power. We can use it to pressure politicians to do the right thing. 



1. Online list IDs water wells harmed by drilling, August 30, 2014

2. Fracking waste water being injected into old well in northeastern B.C., June 16 2014

Photo Attribution: "Fracking Site in Warren Center, PA" by Ostroff Law (Fracking Lawyer) is licenced under CC-BY-3.0