Christy Clark: Stop promoting LNG and fracking to kids

In late 2014, we found out the provincial government was conducting a traveling seminar series promoting LNG in various towns across BC. Maybe they came up with this as an attempt to boost the lagging social licence around LNG and fracking. We began posting about the seminar series on social media, then a few media outlets picked up the story as it was approaching its next stop–Squamish. Science World was contracted to help during the roadshow, which targeted school kids as one of its prime audiences.

We decided to see for ourselves what the province was telling children about LNG, so we attended the event in Squamish. We were shocked. We ended up feeling the need to do something, so we produced a short video (above) and set up a tool on our website that allowed citizens to email the Premier, Christy Clark and the Ministers of Natural Gas Development and Jobs and Skills Training, Rich Coleman and Shirley Bond. Our video ended up being viewed on social media over 12,000 times and 449 people used our tool to email the premier to express their disdain for the seminar series. Subsequently, people rallied at the next two stops (Nanaimo and Kamloops) and more media stories developed. Together, we helped shine a spotlight on this egregious use of our tax dollars. Thanks to all who shared the video and took action.

The seminar series was disturbing in its clear omission of the facts. At the live demonstration we attended in Squamish, no one brought up fracking or the risks and dangers gas extraction poses to our water, health and climate. It was very one-sided. In the evening portion, a government and industry panel took to the stage and was met with many concerned citizens asking tough questions. It was very encouraging to see so many community members come out and stand up to industry propaganda. It was an inspiring response to an appalling show from our provincial government, but once again, the people came out on top with tact and courage.


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