Tell Christy Clark what should top the agenda in July

Christy-and-fire-with-caption.jpgThe BC legislature is having a special summer session starting on Monday July 13th to discuss expanding Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export—a climate destabilizing fossil fuel. (1)

Meanwhile, our province is facing a crisis. Climate exacerbated fires, drought and toxic smoke are all around us. 

Should Christy really focus this legislative session on expanding gas export and extraction? Or should this climate crisis spur a change towards a truly clean energy future—away from LNG and fracking.

Let us know what you think should top the agenda this July, by filling out our two-question survey. Set the agenda for the legislature. We'll send your concerns straight to the Premier and the Minister of Gas Development.

In the end, we received over 400 responses, with loads of thoughtful comments. Nice work!

Read the letter we sent government summarizing your comments.


(1) Vancouver Sun, June 23, 2015

Q1. What should the provincial government discuss in the legislative session starting on Monday, July 13th?