LNG and fracking social licence slipping, documents reveal...

Rich-Coleman-memo-.jpgWe accessed a briefing note through the Freedom of Information process written for Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development, that highlights government concern about the lagging social licence of LNG and fracking. The document concludes that misinformation about LNG and fracking is "rampant" in social media, but provides no specific analysis or references from BC.

The briefing note states:

"Misinformation about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) technology, water usage, and green house gas emissions related to natural gas extraction and LNG production facilities is rampant in the community, particularly in social media. Allowing this kind of "framing" to occur is not in the public interest as social license is eroded."

Interestingly, the Discussion and Conclusion sections of the June 2014 briefing note are completely redacted. We know the provincial government has partnered with Science World to tour the province with "Clean" LNG Seminars. We can't help but wonder if this "educational" partnership with Science World is a strategy conjured up by the province to target youth and adults to boost the lagging social licence of fracking and LNG?

If you haven't already, stand up to protect Howe Sound from LNG by signing and sharing the Declaration. Once we get to the next milestone of 2000 signatures, we'll contact the local Member of Parliament and all federal party candidates and arrange meetings to present the Declaration to them and ask what their party is going to do about the proposed Howe Sound LNG plant? 


  • Damien Gillis interview on briefing note CFAX radio: