West Van 2, Woodfibre LNG 0

Back in July, the West Vancouver Municipal Council heard a presentation from Eoin Finn from My Sea to Sky on the risks of tankers in Howe Sound. Subsequently, they voted to recommend a ban on LNG tanker traffic. On Monday, council revisited the issue because Woodfibre LNG representatives wanted to tell their side of the story. A packed audience listened intently to the company's presentation. You could feel the tension in the room.

Councillor Mary-Ann Booth took particular issue with Woodfibre's promises of economic prosperity and jobs. 

Woodfibre-at-West-Van.jpgAfter council took turns grilling the company, they resumed their previous stance on the proposed project. Just for the record, currently the score is: West Van 2, Woodfibre nothing.

Then citizens took to the microphone, voicing their grievances with the gas plant idea. I took the opportunity to tell council about concerns I've heard echoing throughout the region on the environment, economy and safety; also pointing to the growing number of signatures on our Declaration to Protect Howe Sound from LNG.

It was a refreshing encounter with elected officials who seemed to listen to their constituents. Too bad more politicians can't see this project for what it really is—a big mistake. This is a sweet victory that should be celebrated, but there's a long road ahead to ensuring the Sound is LNG-free. Help spread the word about the Declaration in order to build more citizen-power before the municipal elections.